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Welcome to the Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season Group!

Thanks everyone who joined!

Have a nice stay in this group, feel free to leave comments and fan art. I hope we'll all enjoy this ride together! :D

Ah, just a quick reminder: all join requests are automatically accepted. And so are the art upload requests as well!

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This is a group to promote my fanfiction, a fan made third season of Storm Hawks.
Anyone is welcome to join as a member and upload art as much as they wish!
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Okay, I've decided to make everything a lot easier by merging the stories of the 3 videos together.

So here we go: the optimal order to watch the videos is the following, but you can watch them in anyway you wish.

Piper's Story:

The 4's Origins:

Aerrow's Story:


Before I begin, remember the images are all metaphors, and that you're not supposed to take them literally. In the end of the story I'll add some notes explaining a few of the not so obvious metaphors.
Well, let's get on with the... Ah... Show...

       Aerrow's terra was attacked when he was still 4 years old by the Cyclonians. He was captured and taken away while his family died (no, not by the Dark Ace, just any talon). 3 years later, he was thrown into the prison mine to start working for them. A little while later, Radarr kinda invaded his cell through the air ducts. The little guy was wary of Aerrow at first, but then he understood the boy's pain and became his friend. More 4 years later, Finn was thrown into the prison mine, and there he met Aerrow and Radarr. The 3 became friends and spent more 2 years in the prison until a miracle happened: an opportunity to escape the prison presented itself.
       They plotted their escape during a prison breakdown in which there was a terrible malfunction of their systems, so they stole a talon switchblade and flew away. Aerrow avoided all the falling boulders from the tunnels until they finally see the day light again. Finn commented on how Aerrow could ride a skimmer so well, which made the latter have a quick flashback of Lightning Strike (unaware that it was his father), causing him to lose control of the ride and make the 3 crash land on an unknown terra.
       Meanwhile, Piper was wandering around alone in that very same terra, just observing her surroundings. She thought back to what just happened to her: she had an argument with her parents about her crystal mastery, then she kinda ran away to train alone, but a while later, the Cyclonians raided her Terra and after they left, she made her way back to her house and found both her parents dead, which traumatized her a lot. Soon, Aerrow spotted her and ended up bumping into her.
       He took an instant liking to her, even though she was very shut in and actually wondered why she behaved that way, though he didn't complain, since he wasn't being 100% open either. She noticed how he was so friendly to her, even though she always seemed pretty distant and a little cold too, since the images of her dead parents kept haunting her. She had been alone for quite a long while, so suddenly meeting someone that could actually matter to her felt odd. Still, she couldn't help but feel like she needed his presence somehow. He was the very first person that was managing to break through her shell. Aerrow soon gained her trust, and she started opening up more to him. She told him about how she'd love to explore the world, learn more about crystals and have many good friends, and at that he realized: she had dreams. Then he also noticed he never thought about that, about the future or what he intended to do with his life.
        One day, a storm hit them. The storm was so strong it pushed Piper off a cliff, but Aerrow managed to catch her before she would fall. He grabbed only one of her arms, though, since she was holding a crystal on her other one. She was starting to slip from his grasp so he had to convince her to throw that crystal away so he could pull her up before the storm pushed him off the cliff as well. A while later, they went down the cliff and found the crystal completely destroyed. Piper was devastated, but Aerrow didn't understand why.
       She then told him how she recently lost her family wondering if he had ever lost someone. After he confirmed that, she was surprised by how he dealt with his loss at such a young age, to which he says he just... Moved on. She asked him if he even cared about anything anymore, if he was truly living or just surviving. But he couldn't answer that question, which prompted her to walk away until she'd calm down, so she'd not show herself weak in front of him. He followed her with his eyes, then looked at the broken crystal. Maybe it was time to start caring.
       He thought about the few experiences he had with her: their very first encounter, when he saved her and encouraged her not to give up hope, and how he felt about that, if he meant all the supportive things he had ever told her. He did. So he decided to take the shards of the crystal with him, just in case.
       They spent some time that way, with that distance between them, Piper feeling like reality is a prison and that she's living on a dream in an attempt to feel better. She feared Aerrow would leave her if she kept acting distant and cold, but she was so depressed she couldn't do anything about that. Until he actually surprised her. He had found a way to polish one of the crystal shards and turn it into a necklace to give as a gift to her.
       She then realized that he truly cared about her, and he was a true friend, that would stand up with her when she was feeling down and that'd never abandon her. She started believing in having deep bonds with other people again, thanks to Aerrow. She was so moved she hugged him, thanking him for being her best friend and for being there for her, while he was more than grateful for having met her, since thanks to her he had finally woken up to life.
       After that, she officially joined their party. Soon, they sneaked their way into the cargo hold of a carrier cruiser that was leaving the terra. The cruiser was hit by a very strong storm but managed to get out safely. A while later, the ship crossed the borders of the Cyclonian territory and was chased by Cyclonian cruisers even out of Cyclonian area. The ship was shot down and as it fell, it hovered a little over a small terra, so the group jumped off the ship into the terra. There they found their new home: Terra Neverlandis.

Phew, that was it. Now, just a few notes.

   1. The clip with Piper running with a Solar Crystal in her hand is meant to symbolize the spark of hope lighting up her heart, just like the clip with Aerrow placing the Aurora Stone back in its case symbolizes the spark of life lighting in his heart as well.
   2. Thanks to the lyrics of the songs combined with the stories, I can explain that part in the "4's Origins" video with Finn, Piper, Aerrow and Radarr gazing at the distance has special meanings according to the lyrics.
           > Finn (blue): "All of the wasted time." - refers to how he thinks the years at the prison were a waste of his life;
           > Piper (orange): "The hours that were left behind." - refers to the fact that Piper was letting the past prevent her from going on;
           > Aerrow (red): "The answers that we'll never find." - refers to how Aerrow began thinking about the future for the first time;
           > Radarr (cyan): "They don't mean a thing tonight." - refers to how Radarr keeps moving on without letting any of that drag him down;
   3. Once more, the context for each of those photos at the end of the "4's origins" video:
           - The photo with Finn, Piper and Aerrow was taken by Radarr suddenly, that's why they look so natural (and why they're not looking at the camera).
           - The same goes for the photo with Radarr and Aerrow, which was taken by Piper.
           - The photo with Piper and Finn was taken by Aerrow shortly after they got to Terra Neverlandis. Aerrow says it's a special moment, so they should take some pictures to remember that. Piper giggles and Finn just stares at him saying: "Yeah, let's celebrate our brand new piece of empty terra." (That explains that smile of his and why both him and Piper still look natural; basically, they thought they should have waited a bit more to take a picture, when they finally got something in the terra to take a picture of, besides that tree XD).
           - The photo with Aerrow and Piper was taken by Radarr after the two realized they still didn't have a photo with each other, as in, just the two of them in the album. (That explains why that's the only photo in which it looks like the characters intended to pose for a picture XD);

Well, so far I think these notes cover everything, I'll see later if anymore notes are needed.
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